Loop the Loop

Gene Peterson and Adam Page

Presented by Darwin Entertainment Centre in association with Darwin Festival

Prepare to be violently impressed when master musician Gene Peterson goes head-to-head with multi-instrumentalist Adam Page in this phenomenal musical showdown. Over 60 jam-packed minutes, you’ll be treated to a plethora of skills – incredible drumming, virtuosic saxophone playing and music made from kids’ toys, a beard and a variety of vegetables!

Set in a boxing ring, complete with blue and red corners, Loop the Loop showcases a musical battle like no other! As each artist attempts to out-play the other with their multitude of musical abilities, they continually record their music into a loop pedal, creating the aural illusion of an entire band playing live.

Both performers are virtuoso musicians in their own right, and have each toured nationally and internationally, performed at festivals worldwide and accumulated countless awards and accolades along the way. With competition this fierce, the musicians are forced to pull out all the best tricks in their arsenal.

Sometimes quirky, often hilarious, at times unbelievable, but always impressive, Loop the Loop is the ultimate concert experience for all ages.

Duration: 1 hour