Oedipus Schmoedipus

post and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 香港話劇團

A comic bloodbath about a fate that none of us can escape.

Oedipus Schmoedipus is a joyful, dark, irreverent, hilarious and confronting performance about death: real death, fake death, and death as portrayed in the world’s great theatre classics.

Season (in English, with Cantonese surtitles) 18-21 March 2020
Season (in Cantonese, with English surtitles) 25-28 March 2020
Venue Union House Theatre – University of Melbourne


This irreverent work from provocative Australian collective post (Zoë Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor & Natalie Rose) piles up classic dramatic death scenes into an engaging spectacle of glee-ridden blood and gore. Starring Mish Grigor and Shelly Lauman, who resurrect again and again through multiple murders, suicides and accidents.

For Asia TOPA 2020, productions of the work in English and Cantonese (featuring ManMan Kwok and Man Sui Hing) are performed over two weeks. For each show’s mammoth bloodbath, a cast of 25 local volunteers is invited to join in the comic lament and slaughter.

Straddling live art, theatre and contemporary performance, Oedipus Schmoedipus has had audiences around the world in stitches and in tears. It’s a democratic theatrical extravaganza 2,500 years in the making.

Local volunteer call-outs begin in December 2019.


澳洲藝術團體post (Mish Grigor, Zoë Coombs Marr 和Natalie Rose) 共同創作的《伊狄帕斯·豬亦拍屍》,在台上互相廝殺,將經典戲劇「起死回生」,運用大量經典劇中關於死亡的台詞、情節和象徵意義串連成一個嶄新好玩的演出。

此劇英語版 (由Mish Grigor 和Shelly Lauman 領演), 和粵語版 (由香港話劇團演員文瑞興和郭靜雯領演) 會分別在兩週內先後在2020年的亞太表演藝術三年展(Asia TOPA)上演。





Cantonese Language Production:

Co-commissioned by Asia TOPA with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 香港話劇團 and Freespace, West Kowloon 西九文化區自由空間
Originally co-produced by Intimate Spectacle
Cantonese Translation & Adaptation: Pat To Yan 甄拔濤
Cast: ManMan Kwok 郭靜雯, MAN Sui Hing 文瑞興 & 25 local volunteers per show
Assistant Director: YAU Ting Fai 邱廷輝

English Language Production:

Original Composer & Sound Designer: James Brown
Original Lighting Designer: Matthew Marshall & Ross Graham
Original Fight Director: Scott Witt
Cast: Mish Grigor, Shelly Lauman & 25 local volunteers per show

Dates (in English, with Cantonese surtitles) 18-21 March 2020
Dates (in Cantonese, with English surtitles) 25-28 March 2020
Time 7:30pm
Venue Union House Theatre, University of Melbourne, Parkville
Running Time 75 mins

Recommended for ages 16+

Warnings the show features flashing strobing lights, fake guns, fake blood, violence, death and suicide scenes & coarse language.
警告: 本劇含強光效果、假槍道具、假血、暴力場面、死亡和自殺情節及少量粗俗用語


Erin Milne
Executive Producer
+61 412 853 220