Image: Daniel Boud


Brunswick Mechanics Institute

Created and performed by Marcus Whale and Eugene Choi, Praise! is a work centered around Psalm 150, celebrating the intersections of the sacred and sensual, gothic and divine in Christian traditions of worship.

Season Thursday 20 – Sunday 23 February
Time 8pm
Venue Brunswick Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick


A choral performance offering a new language of veneration, Praise! leads you to a new altar at which to kneel. Psalm 150, known as ‘the musician’s psalm,’ encourages congregations to honour with music and dancing. Collaborating with musicians to create a new hymn, Whale and Choi present a grand saturnine path to epic revelry and reverence, where twin souls balance on the precipice of new union.

Originally performed for Underbelly Arts Festival 2017, the work has evolved into a full length celebration and premieres at Asia TOPA 2020.