Seasons of Skin and Bark

Tracks Dance Company

Presented by Tracks Dance Company in association with Darwin Festival

Rings of a tree, the human lifespan and the rolling cycle of seasons combine in a powerful original work by nationally renowned Tracks Dance Company.

Humans are just one part of the Earth’s different time spans. Set against the ever-changing cycle of seasons affecting both plant and animal life, Seasons of Skin and Bark delves into this intelligence and places it beside a human perspective to examine how we co-exist with the natural world. The latest scientific studies conducted around the world confirm what has long been suspected: trees are far more alert, social, sophisticated and even intelligent than we thought.

Seasons of Skin and Bark sees Tracks back home in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens creating a unique tropical outdoor theatre under the giant canopy of a Rain Tree. A diverse cast of dancers perform to an evocative original soundtrack by Darwin producer James Mangohig featuring Larrakia musician Lena Kelly. This show, two years in the making, will inspire thoughts and feelings but, more importantly, will make visible the connections we all have to this place where we live.

Duration: 1 hour