Image: Gregory Lorenzutti

Tiny Infinite Deaths

Amber McCartney

Amber McCartney is a dancer who often uses her body’s liquidity to disappear into eerily beautiful, waking nightmares. Her practice incorporates prosthetics, mask-making, film and practical special effects to create augmented, foreign bodies.

Sessions During APAM Gathering: Sat 17 June 6.30pm & 8.00pm, Sun 18 June 6.30pm & 8.00pm
Venue: National Gallery of Victoria – Federation Court


For Tiny Infinite Deaths she’s chosen to embody a maggot. As a maggot, she will be your guide to the in-between—the space that exists between death and afterlife.

Her Cronenburg-esque cocoon will be created under a glow provided by celebrated light sculptor Cerith Wyn Evans. Let yourself be beckoned in.

Commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc for PIECES 2022, in partnership with The Substation.


Creator and Performer: Amber McCartney
Costume Designer: Andrew Treloar
Composer: Makeda Zucco
Producer: Estelle Conley (Lucy Guerin Inc)