Value for Money

GUTS Dance

How do we value human life? Is it the calculable economic value or the intangible emotional and physical value of a person we should be considering? Or is it a fine balance of both?

Join GUTS Dance // Central Australia for the world premiere of a new contemporary dance work, Value For Money, the first full-length work from award-winning dancers and emerging choreographers Sara Black and Jasmin Sheppard. Through the lens of our collective experience of contemporary Australia and by examining its history, Value For Money interrogates how relationships, proximity and community change our perception of a life’s worth. Delving into the polarity of power and vulnerability inherent within us all, it sees an exceptional cast of renowned Australian performers and creatives explore their stories and experiences; reflecting on the way we understand and value our fellow humans. Powerful and provocative, Value For Money pushes us to interrogate the unquestionable traits that bind us as a human race.

Duration: 1 hour