Uncle Kutcha Edwards

Waripa means Ceremony in Mutti Mutti. Join the chorus with senior songman Uncle Kutcha Edwards in a huge, ceremonial celebration of Blak music.

In Uncle Kutcha’s words it’s:

A show you experience

NOT just Hear and See

Raise up your voices

Get Ready to Dance

Let’s Kick up Dust Together!


Uncle Kutcha Edwards has been combining songwriting and activism since 1991, with celebrated works including Yuyukatha, Inside Outside Prison Tour, Circling Time, and Songlines of a Mutti Mutti Man. For the last five years he’s been opening his car door for beloved First Peoples artists and inviting them on a front seat musical journey through the streets of Naarm. Kutchta’s Carpool Koorioke (on NITV and online) has seen him “cruise the dirty mile” of Fitzroy on Wurundjeri Country with the likes of Dan Sultan, Alice Skye and the late, great Archie Roach.

Now he’s parking the idea in The Forum and hosting a ceremony that’ll bring together young and old from the afternoon, into the night. It’s a chance to lift up the anthems that’ve shaped the Blak artistic landscape for the past 40 years. Featuring a vibrant group of guests including Joe Geia and Bart Willoughby from No Fixed Address, Barkaa, Fred Leone, Dobby, Mo’Ju, Maylene Yinnar, Bumpy, Emily Wurramara, Shellie Morris, Richie Gymalla from Black Rock Band, Linc Yow Yeh, Robert Champion, Jay Jarome Bushby, Sue Ray, Alice Skye and plenty more.

Season: Sun 11 June 2023
Venue: Forum Melbourne
Price: $50