Wild City

Kathy Holowko

Students are invited to help turn a small sculptural city into a thriving green metropolis, where animals share the landscape and are considered citizens of the mini urban landscape. The students are introduced to real and inspiring stories of animal architecture, wildlife corridors, green roofs and other great ideas. Then, using their imagination and making skills they will turn the city wild! They can make sculptures, build things, plant new habitats, or draw. The playful sessions culminate in a collaborative sculpture that will be exhibited throughout the festival.

The Wild City Exhibition uses a playful twist on urban planning tropes (architectural models) to present an alternative vision for our future enlivened by the imagination of children. Wild City won the People’s Choice Award at the ‘Art for Social Change’ exhibition at Incinerator Gallery. The artist engaged with 15 Melbourne based urban ecologists, researchers and conservationists in the creation and delivery of this project. This clarified ideas on what challenges wild animals encounter in ever expanding human landscapes, and how these issues are currently being tackled. The research is around urban co-existence with the wild animal and exploring species that live in the area and what they require as habitat.

Duration: 1 hour, 15 mins

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