APAM Gatherings

APAM hosts 1–2 Gatherings each year around Australia which include programs such as pitches, exchange of ideas, and networking that you’ve come to expect at APAM and other performing arts markets.

APAM Gatherings are held at a range of festivals and cities, allowing participants to experience Australian contemporary performance on a variety of scales and through various lenses. Some APAM Gatherings have an artform-specific context or special interest area. All Gatherings include significant contributions from First Nations artists and companies.

APAM Gatherings enable national and international presenters to experience Australian and New Zealand contemporary performance in context and under ideal presentation conditions: at full scale, full length, with uncompromised production values, and with a public audience. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Gatherings were held as hybrid events: accessible both online and in-person (travel restrictions permitting).

APAM’s partnerships with host festivals increase the number, diversity and geographic spread of APAM activities. Gatherings draw the sector to established Australian festivals, helping national, international, artist and industry-focused participants to mingle, strengthen existing relationships and spark new ones.

See below for details of past APAM Gatherings.