Image: Shannyn Higgins
Image: Shannyn Higgins

The Dan Daw Show

Dan Daw Creative Projects

Taking ownership of the beautiful mess that encompasses all that he is, Dan lets go of who he once was to make room for who he wants to be. Dan is joined in an intimate evening of play by performer and collaborator Christopher Owen where Dan takes back the power by being dominated on his own terms. This is a show about care, intimacy and resilience, about letting go and reclaiming yourself.

The Dan Daw Show was part of SHOWCASE at the APAM Gathering at RISING in 2023.

Presentation History
+ Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal, 2024
+ Teatro Municipal do Porto, Portugal, 2024

Since taking part in the APAM Gathering at RISING in 2023 Dan Daw Creative have continued conversations about presentation and collaboration opportunities for 2025 and beyond.