The Return by Jacob Boehme. Image: David Sweeney.

Call for international performances for Bibu

ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022

In an effort to create a linking network between the world’s indigenous cultures, Bibu and the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering (AAG) 2022 aims to enhance international visibility for Indigenous people.

For the international part, the Board of Directors will welcome innovative international applications that are visioned, produced and creatively led by Indigenous Performing Artists.

Bibu want to create an international platform thus drawing attention to the breadth of contemporary Indigenous performances — with works spanning from theatre, dance, storytelling/storysong and multidisciplinary performance art with a combination of both cultural and contemporary artistic expressions.

They invite applications of performances coming from or being produced by and with Indigenous Peoples and being directed towards an audience of children, youth and families.

Read more at the Bibu website about Indigenous performances, about the criterion and how to apply.

Applications close 21 October 2021.