Cancellations & Postponements

International Markets and Gatherings


Listed below are a number of international arts markets and gatherings, noting impacts of COVID-19 on their scheduled dates, cancellations, postponements or otherwise. Some are yet to announce their updated plans. The APAM Office is keeping track of our these collegiate events around the world, and also their pivots to online platforms and/or hybrid delivery methods.


ADAM (Asia Discovers Asia Meeting)
Taiwan CN / Online
12-16 August 2020S

Western Arts Alliance (WAA) & Arts Midwest Joint Conference
USA / Online
6-9 October 2020

Düsseldorf, Germany
Online Platform on 27 August 2020, 16:00 CEST

IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts
Cancelled: Belgrade Plenary Meeting, 1-4 October 2020
New plans: Satellite Galway, November 2020 (dates TBC)
2021 status to be announced

Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS)
Seoul, South Korea
12-15 October 2020

China SPAF
Shanghai International Arts Festival’s arts fair
Shanghai, China
15-19 October 2020

Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM)
Bangkok, Thailand
Online series of webinars (August-October)
“Under the SEA: Neighbourly Talks on the Performing Arts in the Time of COVID-19” 11 Saturdays | 11 Countries | 11 Conversations

Online platform, November 2020
CINARS establishes ongoing links with performing arts professionals internationally. In order to maintain these essential relationships with international networks of contacts and to consolidate activities in 2021, we have decided to create a new digital event, CINARS WEB, to be held in November 2020.


New York City, USA
8-12 January 2021
Status to be announced

New York City, USA
11-15 January 2021

International Association of Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY)
Philadelphia, USA
19-23 January 2021

Tokyo, Japan
Usually February
Status to be announced

Performing Arts Network of New Zealand (PANNZ) Arts Market
Usually March
Status to be announced

The CINARS Biennale
Montreal, Canada
24-29 May 2021
[originally slated for November 2020; postponed]