Apricity by Casus Creations. Image: Robert Blackburn

Leaps and Bounds: Announcing Pitch works

Selected by APAM’s Curatorial Panel, these tour-ready productions represent a diverse range of the best contemporary Australian circus and physical theatre.

Ten Thousand Hours by Gravity and Other Myths

THE WET by Circa Cairns

Spherical by Flying Fruit Fly Circus

Non Stop by Circus Oz

Air Time by Branch Nebula

Apocrypha by Oozing Future

Apricity by Casus Creations

BOOP by Statera Circus


Future Proof by Gravity Dolls

In Common by One Fell Swoop

Momentum by Women’s Circus

Oat Milk & Honey by Sound of Circus Australia

Of The Land On Which We Meet by Na Djinang Circus

REBIRTH by Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre

Reclaim the Crone by The Space Between Performance Collective

Rouge by Highwire Entertainment

Signal by Winter Cyan

The Dreaming Project by The Dreaming Project

The Waiting Room by Born in a Taxi

YUCK Circus by YUCK Circus