Our Principles

+ First Nations as central
+ Reciprocity
+ Artist-centric
+ Sustainable and equitable
+ Experimentation
+ Asia-focused

Quick Questions

I'm an international presenter, visiting Australia. How can APAM assist me?

Get in touch before your trip and let us know when you're coming. The APAM Office can assist by:

+ Developing itineraries, making introductions to Australian artists, and helping make your trip more productive.

+ Hosting formal or informal networking events, for you to meet with a broad range of local artists, curators, producers, and companies.

+ Engaging a local host to show you around an Australian city and introduce you to artists and companies you're not familiar with, giving you further insights into the Australian performing arts sector around the country.

When should I visit Australia now that APAM has changed?

The APAM Office can support your visit at any time. We're open year-round to connect you with Australian artists and companies making contemporary dance, theatre, experimental and emerging art.

Alternatively, you can register to attend one of our Gatherings, which provide all the elements of traditional performing arts markets, including showcases, networking, and exchange programs.


Catherine Jones


Mayella Koroi

First Nations Lead - Associate Producer

Kath Papas

First Nations Lead - Senior Producer

Megan Steller

Operations Coordinator

Melanie Burge

Associate Producer

Shelley Matulick

Digital Content Producer

Renée Dudfield

Program Producer

Erica McCalman

First Nations Delivery Producer

First Nations

Blak LAB at Abbotsford Convent, February 2020.

First Nations Advisory Group

Rachael Maza AM

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

Ben Graetz

Creative Director, Producer & Independent Artist

Merindah Donnelly

Ali Murphy-Oates (left) & Lily Shearer (right)

Rotating position, Moogahlin Performing Arts

Gina Rings



What does the APAM Office do?

The APAM Office is open year-round, serving as both a physical and figurative welcome desk for inbound visitors to Australia. The Office serves as the Australian-based hub for market intelligence about and for the contemporary performing arts - facilitating the exchange of insight, networks and opportunities between Australian and international artists, presenters and partners.

I'm an Australian artist travelling overseas. How can APAM assist me?

Get in touch with the APAM Office before your trip and let us know where you're headed. We can introduce you to a curator, presenter, or producer from that region who has an interest in Australian artists and work. We can also connect you with a fellow artist who has recent experience in the region you're visiting for their tips and recommendations.

When will APAM announce details of future Gatherings?

Rolling announcements will confirm each Gathering. This flexibility across APAM’s five-year program is a great way to take advantage of the lessons learnt in the new APAM model. It also allows APAM agility to respond to changes in the festival sector — and new opportunities and resources — that may not be on the horizon yet.

How does APAM and the Australia Council for the Arts intersect?

APAM is a strategic initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts, designed to showcase Australian and New Zealand contemporary dance, theatre, emerging and experimental arts nationally and internationally. APAM works closely with the Australia Council for the Arts’ International Development Consultants to ensure that national and international priorities are met.

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