Taipei Performing Arts Center © Chris Stowers, courtesy OMA

Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM) (Taiwan)

Open Call for Ideas – Rehearsing (for) the Future

In ADAM 2020’s An Internet of Things, artists and culture practitioners were invited to rethink the digital culture and art ecosystem under the circumstance of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, ADAM will be hosting a series of online programs conceived by international artists to continuously stimulate exchanges of thoughts and practices, the Artist Lab bringing together Taiwan-based artists to examine its geo-political ecology of the Taipei city, and an open call for ideas – Rehearsing (for) the Future.

Artists self-identified as Asian wherever they are based as individuals, collectives or Asian-and-non-Asian mixed groups are invited to propose research-based ideas that respond to our times in a post-COVID-19 context and imagine the future that the artists would like to shape and contribute. This context is including but not limited to concerns of climate and natural catastrophes, human equality, social-distancing and travel restrictions among others. The projects shall potentially be realized via online forms, audio tools, remote rehearsals, or physically performance settings with less travel restrictions.

The selected projects will be presented as a research sharing in ADAM’s online program in December 2021. Taiwanese artists are particularly encouraged to collaborate with international artists to submit their proposals.

$1,200 USD for each selected project (research and presentation)
Deadline for submission – Wednesday 6 May