I Wanna Go: Building your international connections

A workshop series for First Nations artists and producers

In the lead-up to the APAM Gathering at RISING in June 2023, the APAM Office is running a workshop series for First Nations artists and producers to build knowledge, networks and practical tools to best prepare you to participate.

In 2022, we explored key ideas and strategies around international engagement. In early 2023, the focus will shift to practical preparation for a market including writing a strong EOI and preparing marketing and touring information.

Hosted by the APAM First Nations producers with a leading lineup of guest speakers, the workshops will be a supportive space for First Nations people only, grounded in an Australian context and welcoming participants from Aotearoa, the Pacific and Turtle Island. All workshops are online via Zoom, and the series is free.

Interested to know more? Come to the series introduction and info session on August 17th, or reach out to APAM’s First Nations Producer Mayella Koroi on mayella@apam.org.au.

Scroll down to read more about the workshop sessions.

+ 17 August 2022:
In this Introductory Session, APAM’s First Nations Producer, Mayella Koroi will outline the overall program, detail each workshop and answer any burning questions. For those new to international engagement or unfamiliar with APAM, Mayella will outline the role of APAM, arts markets and platforms more broadly, and key First Nations gatherings to have on your radar.

Mayella Koroi
Speakers: Sinsa Mansell (Independent Artist)
Beau James (Head of First Nations Programming, Sydney Opera House)

+ 21 September 2022: Mobility: How do you want to work?
In this session we unpack the different ways artists are making and sharing their work internationally. Key industry colleagues discuss how to seed collaborations, find residencies and secure opportunities to develop your practice and performance work. We’ll also explore how artists are touring and connecting their work to audiences, particularly in the context of shifts wrought by the pandemic. We cover traditional models of touring through to newer models like concept touring, how networking can add value to your work and the important balance of artistic and cultural values when working with your team and engaging presenters.

Mayella Koroi
Speakers: Ed Bourgeois (Western Arts Alliance)
Eva Grace Mullaley (Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company)

+ 19 October 2022: International engagement: Where do you want to go?
In this session we will work through some important international engagement ideas and First Nations global exchange. You will meet key leaders from Turtle Island/North America, Aotearoa/NZ, First Nations Taiwan and Australia and gain valuable insights into these regions.

For those experienced internationally, this session will give you up-to-date info on key regions for First Nations to First Nations exchange. If you are new to international engagement, this session will kickstart your networks and give you food for thought on where you might want to make connections.

Host: Mayella Koroi
Speakers: Katina Olsen (AUS)
Merindah Donnelly (AUS)
Celia Coulthard (AUS)
Jacob Boehme (AUS)
Tāwera Tahuri (Aoteaora/NZ)
Margo Kane (Turtle Island/Canada).

+ 17 April 2023: International Protocols & Cultural Riders
In this session we will be navigating robust dialogue around protocols of how to navigate engagement with Traditional Custodians, international cultural engagement, story and knowledge sharing, and expectations around culturally safeguarding your work and team while on tour. We will also explore First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts (ICIP Protocols) and the ethical expectations that balance the key artistic and cultural values that frame the value of your work and practice.