One Fell Swoop Circus. Image: Aaron Walker

Leaps and Bounds: APAM x Honey Pot


APAM is calling for Expressions of Interest for the Pitch Program presented during Leaps and Bounds: APAM x Honey Pot

APAM will curate a program of up to 20 pitch presentations, each up to 4 minutes in length, delivered in person in Adelaide during Leaps and Bounds, 27-28 February 2024. The selected pitches will be seen by the participants of Leaps and Bounds, which include national and international presenters and programmers, artists and producers.

APAM hosted an online briefing session on Wednesday 4 October to provide more information about Leaps and Bounds and answer questions about the Pitch Program. You can find a video recording of this briefing session below.

APAM has prepared a FAQ document, which you can find at the link below. Please read carefully before submitting your EOI.

EOIs are now closed.