Panel Discussion from Darwin Festival Gathering
The Economics of International Mobility

Watch Now: The Economics of International Mobility

A Keynote from Saul Eslake

For many independent artists and small-to-medium companies, international mobility has become crucial to the sustainability of their business model. As a global sector on pause, we’ve seen the economic precipice ahead. But do we actually we know what we’re facing, or is our economic reality coloured by our preconceptions? In this address, APAM invited renowned Australian economist Saul Eslake to forecast the economic trends and impacts likely to international mobility over the coming years. Session host Bec Allen (Acting Director, Public Diplomacy Programs, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) facilitates a Q&A following the presentation.

This conversation was recorded in August 2021 as part of APAM’s Gathering at Darwin Festival. Run time 1hr 11mins.

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