Australian Performing Arts Market

The meeting place for more than 600 artists and presenters from around the globe.

The 10th Australian Performing Arts Market was held from Sunday 26 February to Thursday 1 March at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Thank you to all the delegates, artists and companies who came together and helped make the event a great success.


SPOTLIGHT: The Picture Box Orchestra/ Alies Sluiter

Photo by Robert Wallis

SEARCHLIGHT: Cutaway/ Animal Farm Collective

SPOTLIGHT: In Glass/ Narelle Benjamin

Photo by Régis Lansac

SPOTLIGHT: Proximity/ Australian Dance Theatre

Photo by Chris Herzfeld Camlight Productions

SPOTLIGHT: Ganesh Versus the Third Reich/ Back to Back Theatre

Photo by Jeff Busby

SPOTLIGHT: Aviary/ Phillip Adams BalletLab

Photo by 3 Deep Design with Jeff Busby

SPOTLIGHT: The End/ Belvoir

Photo by Jeff Busby

SEARCHLIGHT: Savages/ The Black Lung Theatre & Whaling Firm

Photo by Andrew Fraser

SEARCHLIGHT: Black Thread White Thread/ Brink Productions & English Touring Theatre

Photo by Slipperyfish

SPOTLIGHT: Double Think/ Byron Perry

Photo by Byron Perry

SEARCHLIGHT: As Dreams are Made On/ Circa & Bell Shakespeare

Photo by Youngmo Choe

SEARCHLIGHT: Revival/ David Chisholm

Photo by Michael Parry

SPOTLIGHT: Kunst Rock/ Die Roten Punkte

Photo by Christine Fiedler

SEARCHLIGHT: Murder/ Erth Visual & Physical Inc.

SEARCHLIGHT: The Drawing Project/ Fleur Elise Noble

SPOTLIGHT: Angela's Kitchen by Paul Capsis & Julian Meyrick/ Griffin Theatre Company

Photo by Katie Kaars

SPOTLIGHT: Jack Charles V the Crown/ Ilbijerri Theatre Company

Photo by Bindi Cole

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

Photo by Josh Penley

SPOTLIGHT: Three Men in a Tub/ Insite Arts

Photo by Sam Oster, Silvertrace

SEARCHLIGHT: Live Live Cinema/ Jumpboard Productions

Photo by Hans Edward Hammonds


Photo by Jeff Busby

SEARCHLIGHT: Weather/ Lucy Guerin Inc.

SEARCHLIGHT: Gudirr Gudirr/ Marrugeku

Photo by Rod Hartvigsen

SEARCHLIGHT: Hard Rubbish/ Men of Steel

SPOTLIGHT: Emily Eyefinger/ Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People

Photo by Heidrun Lohr

SPOTLIGHT: Wish/ Night Train Productions/ Humphrey Bower

Photo by Ashley de Prazer

SPOTLIGHT: en route/ one step at a time like this

Photo by Julian Rickert

SEARCHLIGHT: How High the Sky/ Polyglot

Photo by Gavin D Andrew

SPOTLIGHT: Tangle/ Polyglot Theatre

Photo by Wendy Kimpton

SPOTLIGHT: Who's the Best?/ post

Photo by Grant Sparkes-Carroll

SPOTLIGHT: deviator/ pvi collective

Photo by Heath Britton

SPOTLIGHT: Tower Suites/ Ros Warby

Photo by Calista Lyon

SPOTLIGHT: Hyperspheres/ Speak Percussion

Photo by Jeff Busby

SPOTLIGHT: Shine Lady/ Spinning Sun - Ann Dewey

Photo by Marshall Lefferts

SPOTLIGHT: Cantina/ Strut & Fret Production House

Photo by Sean Young

SPOTLIGHT: This is It/ Team MESS

Photo by Team MESS

SPOTLIGHT: Love/ Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Photo by Peter Mathew

SPOTLIGHT: The Barons of Tang

Photo by The Barons of Tang

SEARCHLIGHT: The Empty City/ The Human Company

Photo by Ray Pittman

SPOTLIGHT: Binjareb Pinjarra/ The Pinjarra Project

Photo by The Pinjarra Project

SPOTLIGHT: Malmö/ Torque Show

Photo by Justin Bernhaut

SEARCHLIGHT: Buried City/ Urban Theatre Projects, Belvoir & Sydney Festival

Photo by Prudence Upton

SPOTLIGHT: The Disappearances Project/ version 1.0 inc

Photo by Heidrun Lohr

SEARCHLIGHT: Nothing is Everything/ WELL

Photo by Tobias Hengeveld

SPOTLIGHT: School Dance/ Windmill Theatre

Photo by Shane Reid

SPOTLIGHT: Waltzing the Wilarra/ Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Photo by Jon Green

SPOTLIGHT: EnTrance/ Yumi Umiumare

Photo by Garth Oriander

SPOTLIGHT: microMACRO/ Zephyr Quartet

Photo by Shane Reid