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Nothing is Everything

  • Venue: Piano Bar
  • When: Tue 28 Feb 03:35 PM - 04:20 PM
  • Genre: Large Scale / Site Specific and/or Outdoor
  • Main Audience: All Ages
  • No. in touring party: 15

Nothing is Everything

Nothing is Everything is an outdoor performance driven by sculpture-design and delivered through physical performance.
Dario Vacirca and Jason Cross have brought together a team of performers, designers and makers to re-imagine the possibilities of outdoor performance upon a pre-existing large-scale structure: the Great Wall of Books (GWOB).

GWOB is the only book left and it knows everything – everyone also knows everything and everyone has access to everything in the book. What happens when it is revealed that we do not know everything the same, that we do not know everything that affects us collectively?

Nothing is Everything sees this question plied apart like a physical thread pulling at the Persian carpet of creation, unwinding the work toward a cathartic oblivion that asks the audience to look life and truth in the face. Using 3D video, physical and aerial performance, audio and visual effects, the piece is designed to work in universal contexts as a signature ‘spectacle’ outdoor performance work, centred upon a project (GWOB) that already has a history and serious future in the export market.

The work may be engaged as a ticketed performance alongside WELL’s open collaborative program with local artists and non-artists, or as stand-alone spectacle performance.


WELL is a contemporary art company dedicated to the development and creation of cross-art, intercultural, multi-disciplinary projects.

Exploring the nexus between public art, creative community dialogue and hybrid art practice, WELL projects are large in scale, broad in scope and appeal, intimate in their effect and dedicated to honest and challenging engagements with audience. WELL was established in 1999 as a progressive vessel for new ideas and challenging perspectives within contemporary theatre-art. WELL has created and produced many happenings, forums, performance works, exhibitions and participatory artworks since this time.

In 2005 WELL launched its flagship ten-year social artwork Great Wall of Books. Having realised successful multi-art editions of the work in Macau, Australia, Mexico and Korea, the project is now on international cultural exchange until 2015. WELL is currently creating major new multi-stage projects, Trunk Opera and Different Earth and is perpetually creating smaller works across genres. Directed by Dario Vacirca and contributed to by numerous artists working across disciplines, WELL is supported by a champion committee of management based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Photo: Tobias Hengeveld


Dario Vacirca
Artistic Director, WELL
PO Box 288
Flinders Lane VIC 8009