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The Drawing Project
Fleur Elise Noble

  • Venue: Piano Bar
  • When: Tue 28 Feb 03:35 PM - 04:20 PM
  • Genre: Interdisciplinary / Hybrid Arts
  • Main Audience: All Ages
  • Producer: Insite Arts
  • No. in touring party: 3

The Drawing Project

This new project by Fleur Elise Noble (2 Dimensional Life of Her) follows the adventures of Rooman.
A young woman meets a half-man, half-kangaroo in her dreams and falls desperately in love. Closing herself off from the world, she lives only for sleep. She lives only for Rooman. As her desperate attempts to spend more time with Rooman stop working, she begins to have trouble sleeping. Soon, she becomes an insomniac, confined to a blurry, dishevelled, half-awake half-asleep world. In an attempt to find Rooman again, she employs a magician to recreate the reality she longs for. But his Roomen are mere costumes, and the world he creates is an unconvincing replica. So, in the hope of finding the man of her dreams, she sets off into the desert in search of Rooman….

The Drawing Project is about following your dreams, no matter how ridiculous or impossible that might seem.

First presented as a part of the 2011 World Theatre Festival’s Scratch program, The Drawing Project will continue its development, in collaboration with artists from around the world, culminating in the creation of a major new visual theatre production.

Conceived, directed and performed by Fleur Elise Noble.
Produced by Insite Arts.

Fleur Elise Noble

Fleur Elise Noble is a Director/Creator of visual-based arts and theatre experiences. She works with the mediums of drawing, animation, film, puppetry, projection, performance and paper to create works that are specifically focused on the performative possibilities of drawing and process. She studied on scholarships at art schools in Adelaide (ACSA) and New York (NYSS), and has worked with a number of arts, theatre and multimedia professionals in Australia, New Zealand and Korea.

Fleur has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards for her drawings, paintings, animations and performance-based work, including a Green Room Award for Video Design (2011) for 2 Dimensional Life of Her, which she conceived and directed, and which has toured to over 20 festivals and events across Asia, the UK and Europe, Australia and the USA. 2 Dimensional Life of Her continues to tour internationally, with upcoming presentations in the UK, USA and Europe.

Drawing by Fleur Elise Noble.


Freya Waterson
Associate Producer, Insite Arts
GPO Box 3249
Melbourne VIC 3001