24 - 27 MAY 2022

Join the APAM Office for PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM, an immersive digital program exploring the market for hybrid and digital performance. Together we will explore the work of artists, companies and presenters for whom digital engagement and technologies are integral to their practice and audiences.

Over 4 days, you’ll engage through APAM’s digital platform with showcase performances of digital and hybrid works, explore works in progress, take a deep dive into national innovation and international best practices, and participate in talks, workshops and networking.

Read more about what PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM has to offer below.

  • TUE 24 MAY
  • WED 25 MAY
  • THU 26 MAY
  • FRI 27 MAY

With limited opportunity for national and international mobility in the Arts Sector, the last two years have revolutionised artist and audience engagement in digital and hybrid performance. In response to these new ways of collaborating, making and presenting, APAM will run an immersive digital program exploring the market for hybrid and digital performance. PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM is a digital program running 24-27 May.

The APAM Digital Platform will be live from 20 May and a full Digital Schedule will be available in early April.

PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM will include digital and hybrid performances, works in development, deep dives into the innovative practice of presenters and companies, talks, networking and artist-led workshops.

Over four days we will come together to share the works, ideas and ambitions of Australian and New Zealand artists and companies as well as gain insight in to the innovative work of our international colleagues. A multidisciplinary event, PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM will invite participants from across the country and internationally to engage in a digital program of performance, dialogue, and networking. Participants will include national and international presenters invited to attend by APAM.

Through PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM, participants will engage with a diverse, multidisciplinary program of work by Australian artists and companies including Moira Finucane, Danielle Freakley, Jessica Wilson, Ruby Donohoe, AUDIOPLAY, and Lu Yang with Exhibitionist.

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  • FAQs


Registrations for attendance at the platform are now open and will close on 18 May.


PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM is a free program. APAM asks that all participants commit to attending the full program or have a representative from their company or organisation in attendance throughout.


Before completing your registration we will ask you to agree to abide by the APAM Code of Online Conduct, which you can read in full here.

APAM’s online platform for PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM provides seamless connectivity to fellow participants all around the world and access to the program live and on demand.

Through the platform you will be able to view all the sessions, network and arrange video meetings directly with fellow participants.

The APAM platform will be live from 20 May so you can start connecting with other participants, check out the program and tailor your event schedule.

In structuring the program, careful consideration has been given to scheduling events across time zones in different international regions and minimising screen fatigue. The program is a daily commitment of between 1-3 hours at a time for live streamed events across the period 24-27 May 2022. Additionally, with the exception of Showcase works much of the PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM content will be available on demand for later viewing.


Selected by a national curatorial panel from an expression-of-interest process, Showcase will feature a curated cohort of artists and companies illustrating innovative ways of making and presenting digital and hybrid works. Through the Showcase program you will have the opportunity to experience works from Australian artists and companies. Showcase performances will be scheduled and will not be available on demand.


Selected by a national curatorial panel from an expression-of-interest process, Profile provides opportunity for artists and companies to profile their practice and presentation-ready work during the program through an artist page.

All Profile sessions are presented digitally via an artists page to ensure maximum accessibility for participants joining us online.


Selected by a national curatorial panel from an expression-of-interest process, Work in Development will see presenting organisations profile commissioned works in development alongside the creators of that work.


Deep Dive sessions will showcase practice innovation in the digital and hybrid realm. Five leading organisations from Australia, Canada, and Asia will unpack the structural changes they have had to make since the global pandemic hit in both presenting and producing contexts, as well as share their ambition for digital programming and engagement as a way of working into the future.


Curated by APAM, Exchange includes keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, dialogue and networking events.



Captioning and Auslan will be available for most digital content.

We encourage you to call or email us if you have any questions about accessibility or would like to discuss your requirements with us.




Has the full digital program been announced?

Yes, the digital schedule is available on the APAM website at To participate in the program register your details through the register now link. We’ll email you details on 20 May providing access so you can set up your profile, start connecting with other participants and tailor your schedule.

When will I get the full list of participants?

All registered participants will have access to the full list of participants in mid-May. You will have access to the APAM Digital Platform from 20 May.

I have another question that’s not included here.

Contact the APAM Office by emailing with any questions – we’re here to help!



APAM’s curatorial panel has curated all the Showcase, Profile and Work in Development offers within PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM.

The APAM curatorial panel for PAUSE, PLAY, PERFORM is:

+ Cat Jones
+ Jeff Khan
+ Deanna Smart
+ Ian Leung
+ Rachael Maza